Tips to Sell Avon Online

Selling Avon online can be a little daunting at first. And it takes time  but here are some tips to help:

1. Create an Avon Facebook page, Avon instagram account, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. You want to get your name out there and especially your website. Make sure to add your website link to your bio and in each post. Make sure that each social media account highlights all your other social media accounts.

2. Create a blog. Set up a free blog through wordpress or blogger and write about Avon! Highlight deals, coupon codes, tips for fellow reps and product reviews. Always link your website to your post. Make sure you include a Follow button so people can follow your blog. Also include share buttons so followers can help spread the word. Additionally, add a social media widget so followers can easily click and see your social media pages.

3. Send an email to all your family and friends informing them that your Avon estore is open for business. Your Avon web office should have a flyer you can use.

4. When you share brochures make sure you include your website address. Inform your potential customers of the benefits of shopping online such as extra savings, coupon codes, outlet and sale section and the order will be shipped directly to their home.

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